What ages do you perform for?

In schools, we usually visit elementary aged children (K-6th grade), but we can adapt for middle and high school. At other venues, we perform for general family audiences.

How long are your performances?

At schools, our assemblies are about 50 minutes in length. At other venues, we can adapt from 15 minutes up to an hour.

Do you have a limit on group size?

At schools, we try to see around 125 students per assembly, so that we can adapt material with age-appropriate activities, and because we like to be interactive! At other venues, we work with what is possible!

What does this cost?

Please contact us for pricing as prices vary depending on the location and venue.

Can people buy autographed products?

Yes. We can bring some with us, or we can give people a coupon to use on our web store.

Your presentation was dazzling! Your humor and energy demonstrated such enthusiasm for creating stories that our Cherry Creek CHAMPS are motivated to publish their own work this month. THANK YOU!
— Cherry Creek Elementary Staff