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Can you solve these riddles from children? We have received hundreds of riddles from fans of The Riddle Solvers, and these are some of our favorites! Answers are farther down on this page.

1. If you have it, you want to share it. If you share it, you don’t have it. What is it?

2. I am a submarine, not a plane. I live in the south, not the north. I am dressed like I’m going to a formal dance. Who am I?

3. I am strongest when you view me whole. I move the ocean with my incredible strength, and an explorer with a name like "powerful bicep" was the first to walk on me. I am always there, even if you can't see me. Who am I?  - from Makenzie W.

4. They call me a man, but I will never have a life. I was given a body, but will never have a wife. They made me a mouth, but I cannot sing. Water gives me life, and death comes in spring. What am I? -- from Emily, Miss Nannini's class

5. What stands tall, breathes and has no legs?

6. What goes up but never comes down?

7. There are four stages to my life. I love to make a cozy little bed. I will go to Mexico for the winter. I am fed by flowers. What am I?  -  from Mrs. Miller's First Grade Class

8. I have a huge brain with lots of memory. Natural resources keep me going. When I get sick I may warm up. Also, I sleep just like you. What am I? - Mrs. Larsen's 4th grade

9. What flowers do you always wear?

10. I have four eyes and am always running. Who am I?

11. What comes once in a minute, twice in a moment and never in a thousand years?

12. I have white walls and no doors, but thieves break in and steal my gold. Who am I?

13. Young I am tall. Old I am small. With life I glow. Breath is my foe. Who am I?

14. I am a fish who has no bones. Sometimes I am named after other animals, like a tiger, a bull or a cat. Who am I?

15. Some of us had sharp teeth, and some of us had smooth teeth. We laid hard eggs. Some of us were meat-eaters and some of us were plant-eaters. We are extinct. Who are we? - Mrs. McLean's 2nd grade class

16. It's tall, skinny, short and fat, a loon can have it too. It rises with the sun and sets with the moon. Everyone can have one, even me and you. What am I? - from Lilly and Kayla, 5th grade

17. Brown I am and small I can be, my tail's like a hand from tree to tree, my silly actions make you smile, but to protect my family, I go the extra mile. You can find me in the forest, or even in a zoo. I am a primate just like you. Who am I? - Mrs. Inabinet's 3rd grade class

18. I am the largest subtropical habitat in the United States. I include fresh water, marshes, prairies and sinkholes. My plants include mangrove trees and grasses. Panthers, alligators, manatees and lizards live in me. What habitat am I?  -  from Mrs. Fronk's 5th Grade Class 

19. Ahoy Mateys! Here's a riddle for you. I'm a happy guy. I am black and I flap. I am found on a ship. I have bones. I am a pirate's warning. What am I? - from Mrs. Jagozewski's first grade class

20. A pirate sailed into port on St. Patrick's Day. He stayed for one week and left on St. Patrick's Day. How did he do this? 

Here are free activities for you to do at home, at school or anyplace you like to have fun! Do you want to decorate your head with a shark? Do you want to eat shark-themed cupcakes? Are you a teacher wondering if you can do pirate-themed activities with your students? 

Sometimes we brainstorm terrible Sisbro slogans, just for fun. These are some of our favorites!

The Riddle Answers!

1) A secret   2) A penguin   3) The moon   4) A snowman   5) A tree   6) Your age   7) A Monarch butterfly   8) A computer   9) Tulips   10) The Mississippi River   11) The letter "m"   12) An egg   13) Fire   14) A shark   15) Dinosaurs   16) A shadow   17) A monkey   18) The Everglades   19) The Jolly Roger flag   20) His horse was named St. Patrick's Day