Sisbro Music on Splash and Bubbles New Album


"I want to thank you, for pooping out sandy beaches." The best songs from Splash and Bubbles Season One are here in a new album called Rhythm of the Reef! The album features all your favorite songs from the show, plus bonus tracks from Get Your Feet Wet. The album features music written by Laura Sams and Robert Sams.

1. No Bones -- Get your motown groove on, as you sing about octopus with Rob.

2. The Parrotfish Song -- Some say it's legendary. But we can all agree it's an incredible song about parrotfish, the fish who eats coral and poops out sand. Sing along with Rob and Laura in the chorus "I want to thank you for pooping out sandy beaches!"

3. So Many Kinds of Fish -- There are so many kinds of fish in the sea. Why not sing about it?

4. The Changing Tide -- Sing along with this song, and you will never forget how many hours it takes for the tide to change.

The album is available through major stores and online at PBS KIDS. You can also stream individual songs through itunes, Spotify and your other favorite music services.