Laura and Robert write holiday episode for Splash and Bubbles

Guess who is coming to Reeftown during the holidays? It's Whitebeard!  Laura and Robert Sams wrote a holiday episode of the PBS KIDS series Splash and Bubbles, premiering on December 11 and running throughout the holiday season. In the episode, Ripple is excited because, according to legend, tonight is the night that Whitebeard, a mysterious creature who lives at the North Pole, sails over Reeftown, singing his beautiful music. She tries to convince the other Reeftown friends to stay up and watch for him to appear.

Paired with that episode is Coral Day. It's the holiday season and everyone gets ready for Coral Day, a celebration of the wonderful coral that makes up their home. Splash, new to Reeftown and its traditions, what he can contribute to the festival.