First Snow in the Woods, the book and movie, combine for 29 awards, including a Mom's Choice Award and a Parent's Choice Gold.

What is the program about?

First Snow in the Woods, the book and DVD

First Snow in the Woods, the book and DVD

This program explores how a book is adapted into a movie, based on the vibrant seasonal tale, First Snow in the Woods. The book, by Carl R. Sams II and Jean Stoick, is a photographic fantasy about how the forest animals prepare for an early winter.  Laura and Robert will show how they expanded the story from into book into a movie, with new characters, music and incredible wildlife footage.

20 years of photography

Mouse in the scarecrow's pocket

Where did the idea for the book begin? See how Carl and Jean used their library of over 20 years of wildlife photography as inspiration to craft the story for their book.  See how Laura and Robert filmed wildlife to match the images from the book.

From Script to screen

Storyboard comparison

How does a script turn into a movie? Laura and Robert will show how their words on paper came to life on screen. 

  • Writing/Editing: Laura and Robert wrote a screenplay for the movie, but what did that look like, and how did the story change between their beginning ideas to the final draft?

  • Visual Storyboards: Movies often start out as storyboards, which look like a comic book. Compare the storyboards with the final movie to see what changed!