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Winner of 21 Major Awards!

The Riddle in a Bottle is a half-hour movie for children, which shares how life on earth is connected through moving water.  It is also the movie that inspired the children's book A Pirate's Quest.

With a generous grant from the Save Our Seas Foundation, Sisbro Studios was able to purchase underwater camera equipment, and they spent a total of two years capturing beautiful aquatic footage from the Atlantic to the Pacific Oceans (and lakes and rivers in-between).

The Riddle Solvers - EP - Sisbro Studios Want to own Riddle Solvers music? Click here to buy songs from itunes!

"Having watched quite a bit of kids shows in my day (and a number of rather geeky ones, too), this was one of the funniest, sweetest, quirkiest, and most intelligent videos on rivers, ocean, and wildlife that I'd ever seen."  -- Katy  Yan, International Rivers, Berkley, CA

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What is the movie about?  Laura and Robert, a.k.a. “The Riddle Solvers,” are two siblings who run a riddle-solving stand, where they solve riddles for 5¢ a piece.  We follow them as they solve a mysterious riddle from the ocean that reaches them on an inland lake... in a message in a magic bottle.

Laura and Robert Sams in The Riddle in a Bottle

As Laura and Robert try to solve the riddle, they receive three clues (via message in a bottle) from underwater creatures who each offer a different solution to the riddle . . . currents, tides or weather. The first story sweeps you into a vivid blue ocean where baby loggerhead sea turtles drift along the ocean currents under floating mats of sargassum algae. The second story takes you to the coastline, where daily life is based around the rhythm of the tides. The third story plunges you into a freshwater vernal pond, whose occupants depend on the heavy spring rains for survival.

Sea Turtle in The Riddle in a Bottleghost crab from Riddle in a Bottle

Toad singing in The Riddle in a BottlePirate from The Riddle in a Bottle 

Finally, The Riddle Solvers meet a one-legged pirate, who sings a song that helps pave the way to the riddle's answer. This lively mix of mystery, music, humor and vivid animal footage is a perfect way for young children to understand how they are connected with water far away.  If you would like to know more about why Laura and Robert made this movie, along with their goals and strategies when creating the film, read their Directors' Note.

"Award-winning sibling wildlife filmmakers Laura and Robert Sams have scored another triumph with this delightful children-of-all-ages film about water-related ecosystems.  Stunning nature footage, clever editing, not to mention fine animation, and excellent singing by fish, frogs and a one-legged pirate . . . "  -- E. Gieschen, Video Librarian, Editor's Choice

The Riddle in a Bottle Special Features

Special Features on the DVD are:

  • The Making of the book A Pirate's Quest, perfect for educators!
  • The Making of The Riddle in a Bottle, which shares over 10 minutes of outtakes, challenges and methods for making the movie
  • A printable packet of classroom activities for teachers!

"Whimsical, engaging, and surprising—never preachy or predictable—full of song and sibling shenanigans, The Riddle in a Bottle is as original and fresh as it is important." - John Shepard, Center for Global Environmental Education, Hamline University, Minnesota

  The Riddle in a Bottle Awards Include:

  • 2009 KIDS FIRST! Best of the Year Award, Educational Short for Ages 5 to 12 
  • 2009 NAPPA (National Parenting Publications) Gold Award for DVDs
  • 2009 Best of Children's Programming, BLUE Ocean Film Festival
  • 2009 Best Children’s Program, International Wildlife Film Festival
  • 2009 Special Jury Award AND Script Merit Award, International Wildlife Film Festival
  • 2009 Best of Festival, Muskegon Film Festival
  • 2009 Best Children's Film, Wild and Scenic Film Festival 
  • 2009 Best Educational Short Film, International Family Film Festival
  • 2009 iParenting Media Award of Excellence, Video/DVD Category
  • 2009 Funniest Film, Telluride Mountainfilm Festival,  Kids Kino Award
  • 2009 Parent’s Choice Foundation Silver Award
  • 2009 Four Stars, Editor's Choice from Video Librarian
  • 2009 Telly Bronze Awards for Children's Audience and Use of Humor
  • 2009 Gold Kahuna Award, Honolulu International Film Festival
  • 2009 Finalist for Best Short Narrative Film for Kids, Moondance Film Festival
  • 2009 KIDS FIRST! Endorsement and Official Film Festival Selection
  • 2008 Finalist for Children's Choice Award, Wildscreen Film Festival
  • 2008 Aegis Award for Documentary
  • 2008 Ava Platinum Awards for Humor, Voice-Over Talent and Children's Programming
  • 2008 Best Short Film, FuzzB Family Film Festival 

The Riddle in a Bottle Film Festival Screenings Include:

  • International Family Film Festival, Hollywood, California
  • Wild and Scenic Film Festival, Nevada City, California
  • Wildscreen Film Festival, Bristol, England
  • International Wildlife Film Festival, Missoula, Montana
  • San Diego International Children’s Film Festival, San Diego, California
  • Big Muddy Film Festival, Carbondale, Illinois
  • FuzzB Family Film Festival, Bowling Green, Kentucky
  • Mountainfilm in Telluride, Colorado
  • Colorado Environmental Film Festival, Golden, Colorado
  • KIDS First! Film Festival
  • BLUE Ocean Film Festival, Savannah, Georgia
  • Green Film Festival, Seoul, Korea
  • Muskegon Film Festival, Muskegon, Michigan
  • Woods Hole Film Festival, Woods Hole, MA
  • Mumbai International Children's Film Festival, India
  • Moondance Film Festival, Boulder, CO
  • Southern Appalachian Film Festival, Knoxville, TN
  • Princeton Environmental Film Festival, Princeton, New Jersey
  • Children's Museum of Houston, Houston, Texas
  • Brooklyn Children's Museum, Brooklyn, New York
  • Turtle Bay Exploration/Sundial Film Festival, Redding, CA

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